Underwater and Videography


Nanette Van Anterp


Interested in underwater photography and or videography???  Our speakers for June are experts in both and will fill us in on some techniques, skills, equipment and how to’s of underwater imaging.  Nanette and Bil Van Antwerp are avid scuba divers who  travel all over the world in search of great diving. Luckily, they find it almost everywhere they look, including in their own backyard in the rocky reefs off the California coast and the kelp forests of the Channel Islands! They love all kinds of marine creatures, but they both have a particular fondness for the weird and wonderful macro critters that are typically hidden away in the reefs.


Nannette shoots video underwater. Her current system is a Sony CX-550V high-definition video camera in a Light & Motion Bluefin housing with Sola Video 1200 lights.


Bill shoots underwater as well as topside photos. He is currently shooting a Canon 7D in a Nauticam housing. He also sometimes shoots an Oylmpus OM-D E-M1 in a Nauticam housing. He uses a variety of strobes including assorted Sea&Sea models

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